CALL Generator

Call generator or in short C-Gen is an integrated system to carry out comprehensive call testing in mobile networks. It is designed with the goals of providing revenue assurance for network operators as well as ensuring customer satisfaction.

The system curently provides support for 3G GSM and GPRS networks. The types of call supported are voice, SMS adm data (packet and circuits-switched). Enhancement and update of the system will be periodically delivered to further support various networks and services in order to accommodate recently developed technologies.

C-Gen Architecture

C-Gen Terminal will performs test calls on various network sites and sends the call records to C-Gen server, C-Gen Server will process all test call data and give the report from that data processing.

C-Gen features:

  • Remote execution, delivered from a remote C-Gen terminal.
  • Automated and manual system, i.e, test calls can be generated manualy from a C-Gen terminal or automatically using a predefined scenario
  • Real-time reporting, of the test results to server to allow timely analysis of test result.
  • Lighweight yet harsh environment-proven hardware, best-suited for remote, portable test callsolution
  • Simplicity and easy of use, for various level of users
  • Realiability, delivered accurate results and can be tested on various network conditions.
  • Flexibility, can be usef to perfom testing anywhere in the network.
  • Web-based information, to allow ease of access

C-Gen benefits to network operators :

  • Provides meaningful measurement results trough automated matching, comparison and reporting of test data with actual network data from multiple resources.
  • Enable network operators to test overall network elements and analyze their accuracies as well as identify root cause of revenue leaks.
  • Reporting of troubles and any other discrepancies in the network shall trigger faster response, hence deliver more reliable network and avoid unnecessary losses of revenue.
  • Provides insight to early evaluation of newly release products, thus allow rapid return on invesment.
  • Increases corporate efficiency by avoiding unnecessary deployment of resources involved in the testing process as well as preventing human errors, as normally occurs in the traditional method.
  • Directly reports financial impact from network generated inaccuracies in call start time, duration, data volume and tariffs applied with supporting network engineering information.